T. E. Best is an author and a member of the RAINN speaker’s bureau, but her first ministry is to her husband and five children. Born and raised in Stamford, CT; she attended the public school system where her love of books helped to create an escape from her every day trials. That love of reading developed into a love for writing. At a young age she began to pen poetry and thought up short stories with happy endings. At seventeen she began working on her first book entitled “Secret Survivor (Her-Story)” which would be the first step in her healing.

In the early part of 2009; she took a leap of faith and self-published. Immediately the Lord revealed her purpose and endowed her with the passion and desire to help others elevate from the state of victim to truly becoming a survivor.

Realizing that it is because of the love of God that she is able to stand strong, walking in love, forgiveness, and total deliverance. It is this freedom that gives her the boldness to take a public stance against sexual abuse. T.E. Best is lending her voice and telling her story to all that have an ear to hear; determined to do all that she can to educate the world while exemplifying the power of God’s love.